HR Specialist

Job Code Reference: CAI2011/013

Company Location: Nasr City, (Free Zone).
Salary: From 4000 to 5500 LE: Gross Monthly.
Job type (Full or Part time): 9 am to 5 pm

Language Requirements: English.
Medical Insurance: Family Life Insurance (Yes).
Directly Reports To: General Manager.
Working Days: Sunday To Thursday

Responsibilities of HR Specialist :
Handling recruitment and selection.
Receive CVs and precede the filtering, Screening & Filling.
Use all available recruitment resources and tools to reach the target including internal announcement.
Receive CVs application forms and arrange for interviews.
Conducting interviews for hiring junior level staff.
Preparation of Hiring Documents.
Handling all the Hiring related work within the organizations procedures.
Maintaining records for the probation period of new hires (3 months probation period).
Handling the annual Contract Renewals for existing employees along with a track record for all their vacations and penalties to the superiors.
Follow up employees medical claims.
Handling the communication with the Labor office
Responsible for handling all the social insurance, Life insurance & Medical insurance.

Preparation of employees’ HR Letter, Embassy letter with their salary break down.
Handling employees’ vacations related work.
Updating the system in case of “Change of Status” which is transferring an employee from
one department to another.
Conducting investigations with claimed employees according to the Egyptian Law, The
penalty chart and the company policies & procedures.
Handling all related procedures for Employees’ Penalties.
Filling and minting record of all related and assigned work.
Dealing with the recruitment agencies.
Follow up the Appraisal Performance process.
Organize and participate in representing the company in job fairs.
Advises & Assists the management in achieving specific training and development according to their performance appraisal.
Assist and follow up on company policies, Procedures & Documenting.
Conduct new employee orientations.
Following up and preparing daily attendance report.
Create team building activities.
Make weekly reports to monitor the employees’ performance regarding to attendance, Vacations and Penalties…. Etc.
Handling termination process as following exit checklist sinning process, Issuing forms 6 and preparing salary adjustment to finance department.

Minimum years of experience not less than 3 years.

NB: If interested kindly submit your C.V. to

Subject: CAI2011/013


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