Job Code: CAI2011/008

number of openings: 2

Close date: 05/2/2011
Salary: Negotiable
Employment duration: Contract for one year and can be update depend on Appraisal
Job type: Full Time
Language Requirements: fluent in English and Arabic


Make filling system.
Handling the maintenance contracts for all office equipment’s.
Organize the daily schedule and the work related to the manager.
Preparing the monthly reports and office expenses.
Receiving customers and office visitors.
Handling ticketing and hotel reservation.
Answering the office incoming calls, and writing notes.
Keeping all office supplies and stationery.
Make control of the marketing supplies
Typing proposals and making business correspondences

Age (Range) Years : 25 – 35
Qualifications (Essential) : Graduate
Qualifications (Desirable) :  Any course in Secretarial work
Computer Literacy : Basic knowledge of using Word, and Excel
Language Required: Good command in English
Duty ( Shift/General) : Normal working hours
Special Physical Characteristics Needed : Presentable
Specific Experience (in Years) : 3 years
Gender : female
Personal Competencies: Energetic, self-motivated

NB: If interested kindly submit your C.V. to

Subject: CAI2011/008


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